Matt & Holly 1st photo shoot

This past January I met Matt Melton at my church.  He was the videographer for a video I was asked to do for our small group curriculum.  It was interest at first sight. We both looked for wedding rings on our hands and saw none.  By February he asked me out for coffee and I learned his heart for ministry, specifically children. (Having been the oldest of 11 kids, I can see why he’s so good at it!)  As he continued to pursue me, I wrestled with how marriage might “interfere” with the giftings and passions God’s placed on my heart.  Matt patiently waited, asked me great questions, and let me wrestle with the “calling to marriage” and how that would change my priorities and focus.
Matt was very clear that we were dating toward marriage. To help us in that process, we discussed a book called, “101 Questions to Ask Before You Get Engaged” by Norman Wright.  This book was pivotal in our confidence that the Lord has brought us together. Though we are very opposite, we see how we compliment each other well.
Catalina Photo Shoot

  Matt asked if he could come to our staff’s Regional Conference  to enter into my world in April. I was leading the program for the conference so it was significant for him to come, especially since I couldn’t always be by his side. He meet 40 of my closest friends and observed our ministry and community up close. What I wasn’t expecting was him announcing the next day that he felt called to apply for staff!! This would truly be one of the deepest desires of my heart: to marry a man I love and together serve in this wonderful organization.  Please pray as he is in the application process to join Cru staff in September!  If he gets accepted, we will begin the journey of raising more support as a couple so that we can serve Him together on the field.
Engagement Shot
It was on June 3rd that we went up to Arrowhead Springs, in the San Bernardino Mountains to see the old headquarters of Cru.  We were taking pictures on a tri-pod when Matt turned, got on one knee, pulled out a ring, and asked me to marry him.  The spot where he proposed will be the exact place where we will stand on our wedding day, September 23, 2012.  It was the perfect proposal.

Please pray for us as we seek the Lord  and our future together! I know many of you have prayed for me for a long time, and for that, I am truly  grateful!  We only have 3 months to plan our wedding, and I will be heading overseas to the Philippines for 3 weeks, so please pray the Lord will help everything to fall into place. I am trying to have the perspective that I am preparing to be a wife, not just a bride for a day!
We got engaged!!!
Another praise is Regal Books is strongly considering publishing my book on how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit as you engage in spiritual conversations with those around you! Please pray for wisdom as I walk through that process and determine when I can write with all of these new changes ahead!

  Thank you for your prayers and support!  I feel so encouraged to have men and women all over the world praying for me and the ministry that the Lord has called me to.   – Holly Ashman