Even bigger news than our move is...

Even bigger news than our move is...
we are expecting a special delivery!
“Baby girl” Melton is to be delivered April 2015.

Pregnant announcement for baby #2

We are excited about our future addition to our family! Holly is already 4 months along and this pregnancy is going much smoother than with Carter. With a growing family, we knew it was time to consider moving out of our condo that Holly has called home for 8 years. Though our home will be missed, it feels wonderful to move into more space, even if we can’t ever own it living in CA! Our new place is only two blocks from the Cal State Fullerton campus where Matt is now serving with Cru.

100 College Students & Staff
Attended Our Fall Retreat.

Fall Retreat 2014 group photo

It was wonderful to spend a weekend with students who attend Cal State Fullerton, Fullerton College, and Cal State Long Beach. It was a time to come together and remember who we are in Christ and how they can be a part of reaching their peers on campus. Matt is leading a weekly Bible Study/training group, and 7 of the 10 guys who attend came to the retreat. It’s been encouraging to see them bond together and to truly hold each other accountable to grow in their character and walk with Jesus.


• Pray that God would continue to use Matt as he leads 10 guys in a small group and disciples 4 guys (2 @ Cal State Fullerton and 2 @ Cal State Long Beach)
• Pray that God would give Matt wisdom on next steps with the healing of his back. Since the car accident (Dec. 2013) he has be gradually been in more and more pain. Pray that we get everything squared away with the insurance so we can further get help.
• Pray for Holly as she is currently leading a bible study at a church every other Friday.

Carter's 11 months Riley's Farms family photo
Carter is now 11 months old (He’ll be 1 years on on Oct. 29th)
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Thank you for being a part of our journey and our ministry! You are a part of seeing lives changed because of your investment in us!

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