Global Leadership Conferene in Manila, Philippines

200 leaders representing 75 countries gathered in Manila, Philippines for 10 days to SEEK God, SHARE with each other what God is doing around the world, and create some FAITH goals of how many more movements we want to see planted by the year 2020.
Holly in Manila
One meeting I am sitting between two men leading the countries of Rwanda and Ethiopia, then the next meeting I am next to a man leading in Iran and a man leading in Iraq.  Then I am gathered with women who lead in the same role as me in Australia, Monrovia, the Caribbean, and China.  The privilege it was to connect over breakfast, lunch and dinner with leaders from all over the world was truly an enriching experience.

One afternoon we interviewed students in Manila who have started their own movements on their campus . I interviewed, Julie (top picture with me).  Just two years ago she was a non-believer. She felt all alone and believed no one loved her. Her friend invited her to attend church fellowship and there she surrendered her life to Jesus. She was introduced to Cru and even though she didn’t feel comfortable sharing the gospel with others, she started to do just that. 
Manila Conference Room
God began to work deeply in her life and quickly she became one of the campus leaders. Now a grad with a job, she was challenged to start a ministry on another campus with no Cru presence and she is considering this with another  graduate.  Talk about seeing God change hearts and use students to reach this next generation with the gospel!
One morning was a training on how to start ministries on campus via facebook. We were encouraged to send an email to a non-believing friend and send them an article from  The person I thought of instantly was my Professor from last summer in the Middle East.  I sent her an article on how to have peace when our world is in turmoil.  I told her I was praying for her and the continual unrest in her country. I also told her the exciting new of my engagement to Matt Melton. 
Holly & Aligator
She wrote me back immediately and said that she would like to try to come to the wedding!!! Please pray that she comes to accept Jesus but also comes to America!
The Lord specifically put on my heart to pray and fast for 21 days for two specific things:
1. That our staff and student leaders would truly live their lives in the power of the Holy Spirit so that we see the gospel go forth on our campuses.
2. That in the next 8 years, by 2020, we will reach 162 more campuses in the Pacific Southwest. If we reach these campuses, every school with 5,000 or more students will have a Cru ministry on their campus!
Faith Commitment
We each committed to this pledge as we closed the conference:
Please join me in praying for these to happen!
Holly Ashman