students packing food
One thousand students and staff came together at our Cru Winter Conference in San Diego to become completely “Undone” for Christ. The final night we were challenged to surrender in the power of the Spirit to:

Go where He wants us to go; Do what He wants us to do;
Say what He wants us to say; Give what He wants us to give.

This is the same pledge Matt and I made to the Lord on our wedding day. 298 students joined us
hunger sign
that commitment on the final day of the conference. It was incredibly powerful to see them streaming up to the four boards we had stationed in the front of the room and have them write
what they were surrendering to the Lord as a public pronouncement.

Winter Conference is one of the most significant things we do to draw students together to challenge them to walk with Jesus and share Him with others. On our “Day of Faith” there were three stations that the staff and students participated in. One was preparing food for the needy in the San Diego area. Over 100,000 meals were packaged. Then they went into a seminar to learn about financially investing in eternal things and were given opportunities to give by faith to certain ministry opportunities. $51,000 was raised in that one afternoon toward furthering God’s Kingdom
work. The third station was
fb outreach
where they sat around tables with their smart phones and laptops and initiated spiritual conversations with their friends on facebook. With guided questions, they were able to engage with friends on a deeper level and many were even able to share the gospel with them via live chat.

Praise God for how these five days made an eternal impact on the Kingdom as lives were changed and hearts were surrendered. Thank you for your partnership with us as we try to
engage every student with the gospel and make an eternal impact in this generation.—
Matt & Holly Melton

Winter Conference Pledge wallWinter Conference Pledge wallWinter Conference Pledge wallWinter Conference Pledge wall
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