February 2013

follow My lead

Follow My Lead
It was two summers ago while I (Holly) was serving in the Middle East that God put on my heart to write a book. Now, almost two years later, it is written and will be coming out this summer. I never wanted to be an author. Writing is not my passion, speak-ing is. And there is one topic that I never tire of teaching on: how to follow the Holy Spirit’s voice as we engage with others in spiritual conversations. I first experienced the Holy Spirit leading me in how to have a spiritual conversation, when I met Christy, a girl who thought she was a vampire. In fact, seeing Christy’s life change is what con-firmed my calling to vocational ministry. Over the past 14 years, I’ve seen the Holy Spirit direct me in conversations with people I didn’t know how to relate to: a madam who oversaw prostitutes all over the world; a prominent professor in one of the most respected universities in the middle east; and even my neighbors who are of a different culture and faith than my own. The Lord had held my hand through this journey and I know it is only by His grace that Gospel Light (Regal Books) signed a contract with me, and that I was able to write the book in the span of the past four months. This book wouldn’t have been written, if it hadn’t been for the many people who have prayed and supported me over these past 14 years, and now continue to pray and support Matt and I as we trust Him to guide us in our future ministry with Cru. Let us pray together that the message of this book will help the church take even greater steps of faith to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit to see more lives transformed with the gospel. This amazing journey isn’t just meant for those in vocational ministry, and I pray that this book will be an encouragement to each of us to: go where God wants us to go, do what God wants us to do, say what God wants us to say and give what God wants us to give, so that together we prayerfully can see the Great Commission fulfilled in our life-time!

For His Glory and His Kingdom,
Matt and Holly Melton

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