A Summer of Training and Equipping


Spending the summer in Fort Collins, Colorado taking seminary classes and attending our bi-annual staff conference was a full and eventful six weeks. Matt spent the first two weeks taking Bible Study Methods and Intro to Christian Theology. Daily he would pour into the book of Ephesians and really learned the essentials we need to teach others who are new to the faith. Holly took Old Testament Survey where she learned the outlines of each book. This class brought new excitement to seeing how the Old Testament fits together and a greater desire to even study some of the “dryer” books we might tend to skim over. Our next two weeks we took one class together, Apologetics. After reading three books on the subject and writing articles for our final projects, we can say that we know how to better defend our faith than ever before. Matt wrote his article on “Is Jesus really the only way to heaven?” and Holly wrote hers on “How can we trust a God who allows so much pain and suffering in the world?”. We had two weekends free where we got to explore Rocky Mountain National Park and Boulder, CO.

interview and audience
Both adventures refreshed our souls and motivated us to press on in our studies and learning. Our final week was spent with 6,000 other Cru staff as we heard from leaders inside and outside of our organization. It was a time of vision, as well as training in evangelism, reaching every people group and even how to reach out to the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) community on our campuses. Thank you for making this summer possible through your prayers and financial support. This training was invaluable to our ministry as we serve and lead this next generation of students and missionaries toward Kingdom Building.


Holly's book was released to the public
Holly had the privilege of speaking to our 6,000 staff at our bi-annual conference about her book, “Follow My Lead” that was just released July 19th. Each staff was given a free e-book for them to read and use in their ministries around the country.

Since being back, she’s had 3 radio interviews around America and will be starting a 5 week Evangelism Training Class at our church, where we hope to video the sessions for other churches to use in the future.

Please pray that the Lord will use this book for His Glory and that many more people will hear the gospel as a result of people following the Holy Spirit’s lead in conversations. Thank you for your prayers and support that made this book possible! Her book can be bought at Barnes & Noble, Life Way Christian Book stores, or Amazon.com.

Matt, Holly & Baby Melton

Thank you!
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