Training Day with Korean Campus Ministries

Holly speaking to KCCC

A highlight in the past month was introducing Matt to our Korean branch of campus ministries. We were invited to participate in their student leadership summit to train their 300 student leaders and 20 staff with principles from my book, “Follow My Lead: Responding to God’s Voice in Everyday Encounters”. As we entered the large church auditorium, we heard more Korean being spoken then English. We both felt the many curious glances and shy smiles as we were the only non-Asians in the room. It was a taste of heaven as we worshipped together and asked the Lord to speak to us that day.

The specific chapter I felt led to teach on is about following the Holy Spirit’s lead as we serve. If you know much about the Korean Christian culture, they are a dedicated, faithful people. These students serve many hours on campus leading Bible studies, having evangelistic conversations and discipling others...while still having a full class load and possibly a job on the side. We do not need to encourage these students to work harder.

As we dove into Acts chapters 6-9, we studied various people who were filled with the Spirit as they ministered to others and did the Lord’s work. It didn’t matter if they were servants caring for the widows, or leaders who were healing and leading others, they were
all called to be filled with the Spirit. This journey through Acts displayed that hard work alone won’t have much spiritual dividends. They must be listening and following the Spirit as they participate in ministry activities...then lives will be powerfully changed around them.

After a wonderful Korean lunch, where Matt tried tofu and kimchi for the first time, we met with the staff to talk about how to truly disciple this generation when it comes to purging habitual sin out of their lives. It was truly beautiful to see two cultures come together for a day to talk about how to serve and lead others in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Thank you so much for your prayers and partnership! It is making a difference as we train others!


Matt and Holly Melton

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