UNSEEN Winter Conference 2014

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Winter Conference 2014

550 college students gathered in San Diego right after Christmas to learn how to grasp what is “UNSEEN” in our faith. It was 5 days that powerfully transformed lives with the hope and power of the gospel.

Sharing the gospel
Jessica, a sophomore at Cal State Fullerton, shared the gospel for the first time during the “Day of Faith”. (pictured on the right) She was hesitant and scared, but God gave her the courage to approach an entire family and share the gospel with them. After learning how to know Jesus personally, the mother, Marcela, accepted Christ right there on the board walk. (Click here to hear Jessica’s story!) Please pray for Marcela and her new found faith!

During the conference, Matt had the opportunity to create a video called, “Counting the Cost”. He interviewed students who have made major sacrifices to decide to follow Jesus. Sarahna, (pictured below) is Native American and left most family traditions to say “yes” to Jesus. Krupa is Hindi and brought great shame to the family due to her newfound faith. You can hear the story by clicking

Sarahna sharing her story

Holly had the opportunity to teach a seminar on “Evangelism and the Holy Spirit”. She was encouraged when a UC Berkeley student approached her and said he finally feels like he can have the courage to go out and share his faith!

Winter Conference praying
The last night was the most powerful of the conference as students poured to the front of the room for prayer as they surrendered their lives to Him. Holly got to pray with a girl she knew from their summer in Santa Monica. In tears, she confessed wanting to walk more in the Spirit and grant forgiveness to others.

Prayer Request

  • Please pray for us as we fly to New Jersey on January 7th for Holly to speak at a conference.
  • Holly will be speaking January 8th in the evening and the morning of the 9th. She has a sore throat, so please pray that she gets better by then.
  • We fly to North Carolina on the 9th to visit Matt’s sister’s family. Her husband has been diagnosed with leukemia for the sixth time. They have 4 young children. Pray that it’s a rich time of fellowship and care.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support as we continue to reach out to students with the gospel. Lives are being transformed!

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