Speaking to Harvard and MIT Students

2013 06 June4
Speaking to Harvard and MIT Students About Their One Life

2013 06 June2

Your partnership is making a difference in reaching this next generation with the gospel, as well as raising up the future leaders of our country. This month we saw this first hand as we visited Boston and had the privilege of speaking to 30 Christian student leaders who attend some of the most prominent universities in our country. These students don’t just have book smarts, they have a passion to reach their campuses for Christ.

The first day, Holly taught on how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit so that their life can be purposeful and headed in the direction of God’s great plans for them. The second day was a series of talks to help them ponder how Jesus wants them to live this one life that they’ve been given. Studying through Isaiah 61:1-4 they learned:

1. How to practically bring good news to the poor (both physically and spiritually).

2. How to bind up the brokenhearted by entering into the real stories of people’s lives to bring them the hope and healing of Christ.

3. How to proclaim liberty to the captives by bringing their sins into the light before the Lord and their community.

4. How to open the prison doors to those who are bound by addictions or other oppressive situations.

In the end, each student was challenge to surrender their one life to the mission Jesus has given us to accomplish here on earth. Please pray for these students as they spend this summer growing in the Lord and ministry skills before they head back to be academic and spiritual leaders on their campuses. Thank you for partnering with us to influence these students to live a life for the eternal.


2013 06 June32013 06 June1
Holly is 20 weeks pregnant and we are having a BOY!!!!

Please pray for both Holly and baby’s health as we are here in Colorado for the summer to take seminary classes!

Matt, Holly & Baby Melton

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