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Follow My Lead: Responding to God’s Voice in Everyday Encounters

A vampire changed my life. In one night, with one conversation, she was forever changed and so was I. Transformed from a life of darkness to a life of hope.

Many Christians desire to enter into spiritual conversations with the people around them, but they feel fearful and clueless where to start. The challenge is that most followers of Jesus do not know how to discern God’s leading or access His power when it comes to engaging with others in spiritual conversations. 
Follow My Lead will show readers through stories how to listen in anticipation for His guidance, take courageous steps toward others, and see the Holy Spirit lead the conversation to Jesus.

Follow My Lead
is a collection of true stories to inspire a new generation of Christians who want to talk about Jesus and see God move in their lives in powerful ways.  The reader will learn how to discern the voice of God when engaging with the people around them, believing that when they step out in faith they will see God work through them in extraordinary ways.

The book begins with my experience of meeting Christy, a woman who claimed she was a vampire on the board walk of Ocean City, NJ.  Though I had learned how to share my faith with the popular “4 Spiritual Laws” booklet, I did not see how this would relate to the intriguing woman before me.  I asked the Holy Spirit to give me wisdom on how to connect Jesus to Christy and her lifestyle.  After a unique discussion of the gospel, I saw Christy’s life completely transformed. Since that initial encounter, my life’s journey has been intertwined with how to bring the foundational truths of the gospel in creative ways to the people around me.

Follow My Lead
is a combination of story-telling and application tools that engages young adults to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit as they bring the person of Jesus to others around them. Each chapter enters into a personal story, enlightening the reader how to listen to the voice of God to bring Jesus into the conversation. The chapters end with three application sections: A “Moment of Reflection” bullet points practical principles the reader can glean from the story; “Questions to Ponder” encourages them to consider how they can apply these principles to their own relationships; and “Conversations with God” guides them on how to pray through these personal applications.

My desire is not to be an author.

My desire is to share inspiring stories to help readers grasp how to hear the guidance of the Holy Spirit so that they too can follow His lead in everyday encounters with the people around them.

Follow My Lead will be published by Regal Books in July 2013

The One Requirement from Holly Melton.